Cradle of Links VR Horror Preview

Horror and VR games are potentially the perfect match. However, so far, they are mostly boring. Cradle of Links VR is going with a different approach to VR horror. Instead of the typical teleportation movement system where you press a button, and you jump to another location, Cradle of Links VR has gone with full blown natural FPS movement.
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Wake Up in Virtual Reality

Most games released these days involve one or more of the following. Shoot someone with a gun, shoot someone from a tank, shoot someone from a plane, shoot something in space, and if all else fails, nuke 'em from orbit.

Instead Wake Up allows you to travel through a surreal dreamscape guided by an elusive red butterfly, solving motion-controlled, room-scale puzzles and riddles as you progress.
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Work in Virtual Reality and Envelop Your Desktop Around You

Regular readers of this site will be aware one of my favorite VR utility apps is the Virtual Desktop. The Virtual desktop is not the only game in town. Others include Bigscreen (Beta) and Space (Beta)

Envelop is joining the growing list of Virtual Reality desktop applications. Envelop is free to download and in public beta now.
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