Oculus 1.5.0 Update Brings Back Revive Support

Oculus as released their latest update to their Runtime with release 1.5.0.
If you're an HTC Vive owner who enjoyed access to some Oculus games before the 1.4 update which removed access, then you'll be a very happy camper as Oculus has removed the DRM preventing Revive from working.
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Breaking Down the Recommended Hardware for the Oculus Rift Ready PC

Up until now most games on Xbox, PS4 and the majority of PC gamers play games at 1080p. In stark contrast, the Rift runs at 2160×1200 at 90fps split over dual displays. The Oculus Rift Ready PC program helps consumers purchase the best VR PC. But what is an Oculus Rift Ready PC?
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