MSI VR One Backpack Lets You Walk Around Untethered.

Anyone who owns an HTC Vive or has tried one in a store will have experienced the problem with a very long cable stretching from your Head Mounted Display (HMD) to the computer. You may trip on it, get it wrapped around you and at best you are always conscious of it. Until wireless HDMI and lightweight batteries can solve this problem, MSI suggests instead you just carry your entire computer on your back. Why not?
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PS4 Pro - VRs Best Hope for Mainstream VR?

PCs are expensive, especially if you wish to run VR. Lowest price you can expect to pay is $699 for a "good enough" PC
Most recently, Sony revealed it had sold an impressive 35.9 million PS4's. Which means over 35 million people are ready to play VR once PSVR is released.
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Parkinson's Disease Diagnosed with help from Virtual Reality

Medical applications for VR continue to spread. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about how Paraplegics can learn to walk again with help from Virtual Reality. Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian State Medical University, in Russia, believe that it could be the future of diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.
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Float, Explore, and Shoot Stuff in Space with Detached

Space is the final frontier, and VR gets you there now. Much faster than NASA or SpaceX will get you there. It may not be real, but you don’t blow up on the launchpad either.

Detached brings one aspect that humans seem always to want to do, and that is to shoot other humans. This game has combat, but also exploration and the ability to simply enjoy the sunset over a planet while floating in an asteroid field.
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