Cradle of Links VR Horror Preview

Horror and VR games are potentially the perfect match. However, so far, they are mostly boring. Cradle of Links VR is going with a different approach to VR horror. Instead of the typical teleportation movement system where you press a button, and you jump to another location, Cradle of Links VR has gone with full blown natural FPS movement.
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Face an active shooter with HTC Vive

Just about every millennial that grew up in California can remember the “duck and cover” campaign from grade school where it was taught that hiding under a desk could best protect you from an earthquake. Covering yourself is a great idea to protect from flying debris and shattered glass, but how are people prepared to handle other situations that arise in the classroom and office buildings?
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Eagle Flight now available now on Oculus Rift Coming Soon on PSVR and Vive

Eagle Flight is now available on the Rift, then coming to PSVR on November 8 and HTC Vive on December 20.

Eagle flight is a bird simulator (yes, a bird simulator) where you play the role of an Eagle as you take to the skies in Paris in the future.
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