3D Sounds Labs Develop 3D Position Headphones Neoh

3D Sounds Labs Develop 3D Position Headphones

Surround sound headphones have been on the market for a while. However if you move your head, the sound direction does not change.
What if as you turn your head, the sound moved? If the sound is coming from the front and you turn to your left, then the headphone sound then changes to your right side.
Pretty awesome. I had a chance to try them out at the CES unveiled event at CES 2015 on Sunday.

The first targeted market it expected to be movies, expanding to games and VR later. The headphones do not require any additional hardware but does require their player software to play the video. The 3D positional audio is created in real time via their software.

The headphones require a battery and last 15-20 hours, are lightweight, with a price expected to be in the sub $299. Neoh’s kickstarter launches January 2015. Neoh will be available for preorder on 3DSoundLabs.com for delivery in spring 2015.

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