Catopsys Has Created Immersive - 180 Degree VR Projector

Catopsys has a different vision of Virtual Reality than others in the VR space. They envision a VR experience with friends, dogs/cats, goldfish, pizza and beer. They envision Immerses.

What is Immerses? Think back to the Jaguar cave experience. Immersive if the closest you can get to the cave experience in your living room.

Now that Catopsys have reached their $100k crowdfunding goal ($101,249) it should become a “reality” later this year.

Connected to your computer, Immersis can project any kind of content at 180°, whether that is photographs, videos or video games. If the content is two-dimensional, the projection is flat. If your content is panoramic, 180°, video games or 3D applications, the projection will be at 180°. 
You can also integrate a television, monitor or tablets into the projection, either to benefit from their higher resolution or for a specific interaction on the screen/touch-screen. You will continue to use your existing controls (game controllers, keyboard, mouse/trackpad)
This all sounds pretty awesome, but how does it work?

Once you've configured the projector to your room, it knows the 3D position of each individual pixel in the physical space and can then 'deform' the image to fill it. This process Catopsys calls anamorphosis, to fit the room and alter depending on the viewers' point of view.

I see a whole bunch of potential problems with this technology. This works best if you have white walls with very little on them and no furniture in the way. Just as with other projectors you’ll need a light controlled room that will likely only work well at night with the lights off. 
Immersis uses a fisheye lens with a very short focal length and resolution of 1920 x 1080. This kind of resolution blown up to this size of screen will likely not cut it long term. If other competitors get in on this technology 4K I suspect will come along pretty quickly.
The Immerses device needs to be behind everyone. So if your sofa is against the wall at the back, you’re out of luck. You’ll also need to have an HDMI/DVI connection to reach Immersive or your actual system sitting behind you. 
Catopsys' Kickstarter campaign only had 221 backers. Which means many people pledged at least the $1,000 amount to receive the device at a discount of $1,500 off the retail price with an estimated shipping date of October 2015.

If the retail pricing of $2,500 sticks. If I were to recommend where you should spend your $2,500?
$2,500 buys you a nice projector and a dedicated screen. With that you can play games on a big screen AND watch movies.
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