Experience a train and helicopter ride in 360 Degree VR Oculus Rift

Experience a train and helicopter ride in VR Oculus Rift with GE Tier 4 train

GE in conjunction with Reel FX have created a rather nifty train and helicopter experience to celebrate GE's new Tier 4 train.
Tier 4? Yeah, I didn't know what that was either. Tier 4 trains meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stringent Tier 4 emission standards which means the new locomotive will decrease emissions by more than 70 percent from Tier 3 technology. All sounds very impressive - as is the VR video in this demo and VR video takes a lot to impress me. Most VR videos are a pain to setup, have compression problems and generally look like poop (figuratively)

GE Tier 4 Locomotive - Setup & Controls

  1. Download the demo and expand to folder
  2. Ensure your rift is in Direct Mode
  3. Run GE_VR_DirectToRift.exe
  4. Simply look at the menu option representing the video you wish to view for a few seconds
Easy. The way VR Video should be and I hope other VR Vendors take note!

Download the GE Tier 4 Locomotive Oculus Rift Demo

GE Tier 4 Locomotive - VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Cost: FREE
Performance: 10/10 
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf

Experience a train and helicopter ride in 360 Degree VR Oculus Rift" data-width="50" data-layout="button_count" data-action="like" data-show-faces="true" data-share="true">

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