Google & Mattel Likely Announcing VR Device, View-Master Feb 13th

Continued rumors of Google working on a “Kid’s Mode” for Android along with their recent acquisition of Launchpad Toys, the San Francisco startup - makers of both Toontastic and TeleStory apps for iOS.
Google and Mattel are joining forces to announce a new product that will be unveiled in an event in New York on February 13th (just one day before the NYC Toy Fair).

The tag line reads, “view what’s possible,” with an image of one of those View-Master film reels in the invite.

What does this mean? Speculation will be rampant I am sure.With Google’s work in VR and Google Cardboard this could be Mattel’s version of 3D VR that connects to your Android device.

VR for kids? Imaging this in your local family restuarant, kids will no longer be glued to their iPads but staring into bright red boxes in their own cartoon land. Welcome to parenting in the time of VR.

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