How To Disable The Health And Safety Warning On Oculus Rift DK 2

In the release of the 0.4.3 SDK Beta Oculus stated that they:
"Added option in the Oculus Configuration Utility to Suppress the Health and Safety Warning during active development."

So I was thinking, where is that option? I don't see it in the configuration tool. Well it's not that simple of course!
You first need to edit your registry (Run RegEdit.exe) to enable the option in the Oculus Config tool as follows:

For Windows, the following key must be added if the Windows OS is 32-bit:
HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Oculus VR, LLC\LibOVR\HSWToggleEnabled

If the Windows OS is 64-bit, then the path will be slightly different:
HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Oculus VR, LLC\LibOVR\HSWToggleEnabled

For me under Windows 64, I need to create the LibOVR folder first (New Key) then the HSWToggleEnabled (New string value)

Once you've done that. The option should appear in your Oculus Config tool (if open, close and re-open)
Bring up the utility and click Advanced. Then you should see this:

Enjoy no more health warnings!
If you prefer the instructional video, here you go:

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