Oculus Touch - Everything you need to know. Ships December 2016

Today at Oculus Connect 3 at 10 am was the much-anticipated Keynote event. Oculus had already stated there would be discussions around touch and hopes were running high Oculus would release all the details and indeed they did. Here is the rundown:

How Much is Oculus Touch?

Oculus Touch will retail for $199 in the US, and £189.99 in the UK. Along with Touch comes one additional tracker.

When can I pre-order Oculus Touch?

Oculus touch will also be available to pre-order from October 10 at the Oculus.com site and in retail stores. Those that had pre-ordered and purchased the Rift will already have their place in line. Just log into your Oculus account to claim your Touch pre-order.

When will Oculus Touch ship?

Oculus touch will start to ship to those who pre-ordered from December 6th.

What Games and Apps will be available for Touch at Launch?

Oculus have promised over 30 Touch games at launch with much more coming soon.

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