Play as a Virtual Reality Knight in Valient on Oculus Rift

Valient reminds me of the days I used to stay up late playing Quake to all hours of the morning. It is fast, fun and you can kill your friends. Best of all? Valient is in Virtual Reality.

Dreamed of impaling your buddy? Now you can...

Valient Main Features:

  • Fast-paced mounted combat 
  • 3D positional VOIP 
  • Dedicated servers 
  • Large open battlegrounds 
  • 8 v 8 team gameplay 
  • Wreak havoc with medieval weapons such as lances, bows, swords and javelins.
  • Did I mention buddy killing? yeah, think I did...
The best time to play is during their weekly community playtests:

  • European server - Tuesday 7pm CET
  • US West server - Tuesday 7pm PT

Valient Oculus Rift - Setup & Controls

Download: Download Valient  Oculus Rift VR Demo
Oculus Rift Mode: Set Oculus Rift to Direct.
Setup: Download the file, unzip to folder and run Valiant.exe. When prompted create an account and off you go.


  • Use the mouse or Rift to look around
  • WASD Keys to move around
  • Left click to impale buddy
  • ALT + F4 to exit Demo.
  • Can also use the XBOX Controller

Valient Oculus Rift - VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Cost: FREE
Performance: 10/10 
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf

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