PlayStation VR Nail in XBox One Coffin?

The console battles as measured by number of consoles sold. PS4 is winning and winning by a wide margin of almost 2 to 1.

If you measure success by games and number of exclusive titles then this becomes a little more subjective. Xbox has Halo, Gears of War and Forza. However they've yet to release the XBox One specific Gears which will not make its debut till end of 2016.

In the world of VR there is a clear differentiator and that is PlayStation VR. Xbox so far has yet to announce any VR device. The closest they have is a partnership with Oculus allowing Xbox One gamers to play their game on a virtual big screen on the Rift. This is hardly VR and probably not going to inspire gamers to purchase a Rift just for this purpose.

PlayStation VR however is a fully fledged piece of hardware which works very well. All it requires is an existing PS4 console and you're good to go. So far they have an impressive list of VR games ready, or set to be ready by the expected Q2 2016 launch window.

Confirmed Sony Playstation VR Games

If you're shopping for a console this holiday season which machine is likely to be selected?

PS4 even without PlayStation VR is ahead and with the drool worthy add-on available later in 2016 most peoples decision will be pretty easy. Once PlayStation VR is on the store shelf's and all your friends are raving about how cool it is, then XBox One may just be laid to rest.

Of course Microsoft may still surprise us and Q2 2016 is still 4-7 months away...

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