Qantas To Use Samsung’s Gear VR In First-Class

We've all thought about using our GearVR device on the plane right? It sure beats watching a movie on a pixelated 7 inch screen on the back of someone else's chair or an iPad sitting on the tray table.
Qantas apparently agrees. But only if you're in first-class.
So cash in those airmiles, credit card miles and sell your first born. First-class it is.
Qantas will supply the Samsung GearVR, and the accompanying Galaxy Note 4 for the in-flight entertainment experience.

Starting out as a pilot program on Qantas’ LA to Sydney and Melbourne to LA flights, where the carrier uses both Airbus A380s and Boeing 747s. Only the A380 (The double decker Airbus plane) will be equipped with the headsets. The Samsung Gear VR will be offered to first-class passengers to enjoy Qantas-created 360-degree videos and other content. Around a dozen Gear VR headsets and Galaxy Note 4 handsets are being used for the initial partnership — four on the outbound flight, four on the inbound flight, and two each for Qantas’ Sydney and Melbourne first-class passenger lounges.

The Gear VR will be used with a Qantas app on the Note 4, showing immersive videos created by Qantas to show off the airline and Australia — including a 360-degree look at the Qantas first-class lounge in LAX, runway-side videos of A380s landing and taking off, and a virtual reality boat ride down a Northern Territory river in Kakadu co-shot with Tourism NT and video production company Jaunt.

Since first-class on this particualar route would set you back around $15k-$20k it would certainly be cheaper just to buy the device. If however you're one of the lucky few, then would it sway you to fly Qantas instead? Perhaps.

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