Project Morpheus Coming June 2016 (Rumored)

Project Morpheus Coming June 2016 (Rumored)

HTC Vive is November 2015. Oculus Rift is Q1 2016. Sony's Project Morpheus is slated for Q2 2016
If Japanese newspaper Asahi is to be believed then Q2 2016 is actually June 2016.

According to Japanese newspaper Asahi, Sony says Project Morpheus is slated to go on sale before June 2016. It’s unclear if that release window is for Japan or if it’s global.

“It is scheduled to launch before the end of June next year,” the newspaper confidently wrote.

The source of this is a Japanese newspaper that has been known to be a good source before. Of course it is all in Japanese but with the power of Google Translate here is the (far from perfect) translation:
Sony Computer Entertainment is the 15th, was published in the press a prototype of the new equipment "project Morpheus" their surroundings that look to the world of all game by wear from the head. Play by connecting the game machine "PlayStation 4". It is scheduled to launch before the end of June next year.
Mechanism for a camera that is mounted inside the sensor and the TV reads the movement of people, changing the screen in front of the eye to match the orientation of the face. Image fit changes in the movements of the face and the screen is perfect in that it has twice the prototype that published last the speed of switching, and that less likely to sense, such as the well car sickness playing longer.
And I felt, ceiling, behind, but all also look at how far the floor the game screen. In the trial version of the game, a lot of the robot is gone out from the controller on the screen, or dancing to the music and light, to changing the look. It's feeling like playing with a pet at home.
Price and, actually sell software details of undecided. (Minami-bi Keiko, Takagi Shinya)
You can read the Asahi article here.

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