Sony Releases New PlayStation VR Video

Sony Releases New PlayStation VR Video

During Paris Games Week, Sony showed attendees more of its upcoming collection of games for the PlayStation VR headset. Sony didn't offer up any new details around the device but did tease people with a flashy new video showcasing a collection of trailers for new games that will support the device.

The popular horror game Until Dawn will receive a VR add-on dubbed Rush of Blood while Crysis developer Crytek showed off a new trailer for their upcoming VR game called Robinson: The Journey. PS4 fans will be happy to discover that Gran Turismo Sport will also support VR.

For those of you wondering how can the PS4 possibly create the frame rates needed for VR? Lets take Drive Club VR for example. Their game is said to run at a native 60 fps. Then Playstation VR up converts this to 120 fps giving the feeling of very smooth movement. Most of the major VR vendors do this in a process called asynchronous time-warp.
Having tried several of the PlayStation VR games I can say they were all very smooth. For a detailed comparison head on over to Oculus Rift vs. Project Morpheus where I compare Eve: Valkyrie side by side.

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