Startup InfinityAR Competes with Microsoft Hololens with $5M funding

Startup InfinityAR Competes with Microsoft Hololens with $5M funding

Israeli augmented reality startup InfinityAR announced it has completed a US$5 million series B funding round led by Japan’s SUN Corporation, followed by New Zealand’s Singulariteam and US-based Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund.

InfinityAR makes a software-based augmented reality (AR) engine that will let people interact with augmented media in their physical surroundings. The technology provided by InfinityAR appears similar to Microsoft Hololens. InfinityAR says it “can turn any device with two simple cameras into a powerful content augmentation platform.”

InfinityAR's technology maps the 3D environment, in real time, and enables projecting augmented reality 3D scenes as if they were part of the real world. Furthermore, it enables the user tp control augmented reality content using natural hand movements.

The technology works indoors and outdoors and requires less computation and energy resources than competitors, says the company in a statement.

Features provided by InfinityVR:

  • It provides more than just 3D mapping  – detailed and accurate 3D scene representation, extracting data from 3D physical worlds in real time
  • Advanced natural user interface – natural hand movements to control augmented objects
  • Face to face operability - even if both sides wear glasses - 2 different users can “look” at the same object from their different positions
  • Works both in and outdoor, even in direct sunlight
  • The only AR engine using stereoscopic cameras – affordable hardware that’s also eliminating the need for a depth sensor
  • Efficient and smart computer vision algorithms – supporting a variety of mobile and wearable devices
  • Low power consumption

Of course this all sounds great but I need to see a product before I'll be excited.

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