Time Machine VR For Oculus Rift

Time Machine VR developed by Minority Media Inc. is a native game about time travel, prehistoric creatures, and human extinction.

The story behind Time Machine VR is that a plague is consuming humankind. Civilization faces extinction. As a time-travelling scientist, you must go back to the Jurassic and face ancient creatures whose DNA holds the key to our survival. Pilot your time machine through prehistoric oceans, into an ecosystem teeming with ancient creatures. Navigate a dangerous food chain, tracking, probing, scanning and baiting these beasts, and save the human race.

So no pressure then, one guy, save the human race. If you're up for the challenge the demo essentially has you tagging and scanning creatures in the Jurassic period. I'm going to reserve judgement on how long I may play Time Machine VR till the full game is released. If this were a regular non VR game I would lose interest pretty quickly. However good VR just makes things more interesting.

The demo is currently available from Steam and if you like it you can jump in on early access to gain these additional features:

  • Two additional underwater levels;
  • Story Mode (in development, more to come with the following updates);
  • Exploration Mode (in development, with expansion to come);
  • More creatures: pliosaurus, dakosaurus, ophthalmosaurus, and more;
  • An expansive on-land VR mission hub located in Svalbard, Norway;
  • A DinoDex: upload collected data, and unlock creatures;
  • A full range of tech-based mechanics: Time Freeze, Tracker, Probe, Scan, Echography, Bait, with more to come;
  • Regular updates with new features and bug fixes;
  • Buy once, and get all following updates FREE;
  • Have your say: talk with our dev. team and take part in the development of Time Machine VR!

Time Machine VR - Setup & Controls

Download: Download the Time Machine VR Demo
Install: Download and extract .zip file then run "affected v1.60.exe"
Oculus Rift Mode: Direct
Oculus Runtime: Tested on 0.8 (Compiled on 0.7)

  • NOTE: Controller required; Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers supported
  • ALT + F4 quits the demo

Time Machine VR - VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Cost: FREE
Performance: 10/10 
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf

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