Virtual 3D Videos Coming to YouTube Soon

360 Degree video has existed on YouTube for a while now. 3D videos have also been around for even longer. However full 3D 360 degree videos have not.

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YouTube has revealed that it is working on full VR 3D, 360-degree video support.

Announced during VidCon 2015, YouTube tweeted 

Virtual reality is coming to YouTube with 3D, 360-degree video. More details soon! #VidCon

The bad news? Unfortunately, YouTube hasn't announced when 3D 360 VR video support will be launched. However you can expect the videos to work with the same devices supported for 360 videos today such as the cheap and cheerful Google Cardboard (Which the photo attached to the tweet included)

Google is also currently testing VR camera-rigs in their partnership with GoPro so we can expect lots of new content soon!

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