Wireless VR vs. Zombies at VRLA and VRcade

Along with the "Superman Experience" at VRLA there was another standout which drew a crowd and long lines at the weekend VRLA event.

VRcade was there showing off their new wireless VR technology that can scale in a room as small as 15′x15′ or as large as 150′x75′ (~11,000 square feet)

The VRcade folks were showing off Time Zombies, a zombie survival shooter game which allows the player to walk around and brings you as close to experiencing the "Walking Dead" as anything else today.

Want to try Time Zombies for yourself? Then you're in luck.

VRcade has teamed up with Dave and Busters so if you're in the San Jose Northern California area then you can try VRcade for yourself. Just head on over to Milpitas where tickets are $5 for a game. 

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