Zuckerberg on Virtual Reality May Be Social Future

Zuckerberg on Virtual Reality May Be Social Future

Users of social media are a fickle lot. Anyone remember how hot MySpace was? One day they were hot and the next forgotten.

When people grow tired of posting photos and videos on social media such as Facebook, what then?
Virtual Reality posts may be the future of Facebook hope CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

We’re entering into an era in which people’s posts increasingly will revolve around video, “but that’s not the end of the line,” according to Facebook’s CEO. After video, he said, “I think immersive 3D content is the obvious next thing.”

“There’s always a richer way that people want to share and consume thoughts and ideas,” Zuckerberg said.

Mark Zuckerberg made his comments in response to a question during the company’s earnings call on Wednesday about what applications may come out of virtual reality and Oculus VR. Facebook bought Oculus last year for US$2 billion which even in the technology industry is a large number.

When the acquisition was announced, Zuckerberg said VR technology is a ”strong candidate” to emerge as the next social and communications platform. Judging from his recent comments about how virtual reality could be used not just for gaming or for entertainment, but for allowing people to connect. 

Facebook is already working hard in the area of VR. At a conference earlier this year, Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said Facebook was developing its own virtual reality apps. The apps most likely are targeted at Facebook users to allow them to create virtual-reality content for others to view and experience.

Just like YouTube with their 360 degree movies and recent announcement of 360 Degree 3D videoFacebook is working to make video content in the News Feed more immersive. At the Facebook's F8 conference earlier this year, the company said the News Feed would soon support spherical, 360-degree videos.

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