Google Glass 2.0: New Patent Provides Sneak Peek

Google Glass 2.0: New Patent Provides Sneak Peek

You may love Google glass or you may hate it. Google decided not to go with a big flashy release with their 1.0 and cut back on their consumer expectations. However Google is hard at work designing the next hardware iteration of Glass. Patents are certainly far from blueprints but do help to provide a potential general direction for a product.

Google Glass 2.0: New Patent Provides Sneak Peek fig 3

As you can see above, the device seems to feature a prism that’s very similar to the one on the current Google Glass, and the above depicted device likely has a touch-sensitive control pad on the left side. It’s interesting to note that this “Wearable display device” (as Google calls it) seems to move the viewable prism from the right side - where it is on the current model - to the left side. The camera module has been relocated to be separate from the prism, located by itself on the right side.

The device is also said to now more closely resemble a pair of glasses and be able to fold. Version 2.0 is often the better solution for new hardware with kinks worked out from the first. Google glass is far from dead and Google is furiously working away on their version 2.0

The WSJ reported earlier this year that Google will be launching a new model of Glass next year, with a new low-energy Intel chip designed to increase battery-life. The processor in the current model model is a Texas Instruments one, the headset battery lasting around one day of typical use.

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