How To Watch Netflix on the Oculus Rift

How To Watch Netflix on the Oculus Rift

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Want to watch any movie or TV show from Netflix on your Oculus Rift? Keep reading...
As you are most likely aware, trying to view your desktop in the Oculus Rift is pretty awful. You end up looking at a very funky looking Windows background with some icons laying around. Not a pleasant experience.
There is, however, a very simple solution to watch Netflix (or almost any video) on your Oculus Rift.
First, head on over to my Virtual Desktop download and setup page to install the Virtual Desktop (My favorite app)

After you have the virtual desktop installed, watching Netflix from within the virtual desktop is pretty straightforward:

  • First, bring up a browser and browse to Netflix. DO NOT open the Windows 8 Metro Netflix app. This just displays a black screen. Hit F11 to go full screen or select the full-screen icon from within Netflix.
  • You can stick with the space background or change it the home theater experience with cup holders!
    If you stop moving your mouse and keyboard, the lights will dim.

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