Oculus Touch Pre-Order E-Mails Sent

Oculus have started sending e-mails to those who pre-ordered the Rift and automatically receive a place in line for Oculus touch pre-orders. You'll be able to claim your pre-order on October 10:

Because you pre-ordered Oculus Rift on Oculus.com, you're eligible for priority status for Touch when it becomes available for pre-order on October 10.

Important info about your priority status:

Starting October 10 at 12pm PT you can pre-order Touch at Oculus.com
You must pre-order using the same email you used to pre-order Rift
You must complete your Touch pre-order before 11:59pm PT on Thursday, October 27 2016—after that date, you'll no longer be eligible for priority status

Once you've successfully pre-ordered Touch, we'll send a confirmation to the email address you used to pre-order. If you don't receive your email confirmation, try checking your spam or junk folder.

Thank you for being part of the Oculus community!
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