28 Day Oculus Rift Marathon


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br>After you've played your oculus for a 3-4 hours you always feel a little strange afterwards.
Could it be because you're back in reality or simply because you're still seeing pixels?

For UK based artist Mark Farid he is embarking on a 28 day NON STOP Oculus experience called Seeing I. The project is up for backing on Kickstarter.
Mark will of course require some rather special assistance. He will have someone helping him go to the bathroom, eat and brush his teeth.
So what will he be experiencing for 28 days? This is no Elite Dangerous marathon. 
Another gentlemen simply named "the other" will record his experiences which will then be converted for the Oculus experience.  This will then be played back to him for 28 days.

During his whole experience Mark will be under the care of a psychologist with special training in neuroscience. So if he goes raving mad, he is covered!

The findings, whatever they end up being will be compiled into a documentary. As much as I like VR. 28 days of it is certainly too much for me!