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360 Degree HD Camera from Giroptic

360-degree cameras have so far been pretty bulky. Giroptic has developed a portable 360-degree camera that fits in the palm of your hand. It is battery powered and stores the video on a micro SD card you can insert into the device. The camera will record 2048x1024 @ 30 fps video for up to one hour (assuming your SD card is big enough, max is 64GB)

The device is waterproof, can connect to wi-fi and even supports live streaming. Videos are stored in MP4 format for easy playback on your PC or even better, your VR Device!

I had a chance to try it out at the CES Unveiled event at CES 2015 on Sunday. It is amazingly small, and the videos looked pretty good on the Oculus Rift they were demonstrating alongside it.

Currently, you can order the 360 HD camera from their site, pricing starts at $499