Affected - The Cabin, An Oculus Rift Horror Experience


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Another horror movie on the Oculus Rift? Seems there is a lot of horror going around these days from the 11:57 movie to VR Zombie bashing in Dying Light. Fallen Planet brings us Affected - The Cabin.

Affected - The Cabin is a playable demo available from Kickstarter. From their page:

“Affected - The Cabin” will be a heart stopping, jaw dropping, immersive experience, it will plunge the player into a cinematic horror experience only ever felt before in a live action horror walk through. 
With no limiting game mechanics to hold the user back, you have to navigate yourself around a procedurally generated world experiencing the horrors that lie within the darkness. Keeping game mechanics to a minimum will enable players with no gaming background to fully enjoy our experience, meaning anybody will be able to play "Affected- The Cabin".

That is certainly some awesome sounding goals. They claim to be as near to a live action horror walk-through that you can experience in your own home and be able to play on even a medium specification machine whilst using psychological studies to develop scares and experiences. On their Kickstarter they only reached £1,776 of their £18,500 goal.
So does the demo live up to the hype?

You start off in a small room with an elevator with a choice of visiting one of three floors. Each floor is different from each other and provides fluid frame rates throughout. I never experienced any stutter on my test rig.
Sound works well as I turned instinctively to the direction of "scary noises". I have probably watched perhaps too many horror movies as it does seem rather familiar. Small narrow corridors, strange cries of children and then when the lights go out something appears in your face. OK, I admit it, I did jump a few times. But not very scary.

New features coming? Since they never reached their goal (or even close to it) they they will probably not add support for STEM systems along with Omni. But still a demo worth checking out.

Download the Affected - The Cabin (scroll down to find link)
Run "Affected v1.55 (D3D9)_DirectToRift"
Press R to reset your view

Cost: FREE, optional contribution on Kickstarter
Barf Factor: 7/10
Performance: 10/10
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf