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AirDrift is a flying game utilizing head tracking on the Oculus Rift to control your flight. Very straight forward to control with slight disorientation when you first start which results in a barf factor rating of 8/10 (10 being no barf)
New pilots and pilots who experience any barfiness (just made up that word) will find Cockpit View helps give you a frame of reference and makes things a little less disorientating. Turn it on in the menu.

Download AirDrift For Widows or Mac

Setup & Controls
Setup, easy. Download and load up the DIrectToRift.exe


  • Your position will be recentered at the start of the game, and whenever you press CTRL or the GUIDE button on your Xbox controller (the big middle one).
  • Use your head to fly around. The further you turn your head in any direction, the faster you will turn that direction in game.
  • Use ENTER to open the menu, and the arrow keys to navigate. (or START on XBOX controller)
  • Use UP to boost in the direction you are facing.(or A on XBOX controller)
  • Use DOWN to slow down. (or B on XBOX controller)
  • Use LEFT for free-look(or X on XBOX controller)

Cost: FREE

Barf Factor: 8/10
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf