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We featured Alice VR in a post back in December last year. Now the VR adventure game from Carbon Studio is now on Steam Greenlight where you can vote to help Alice VR be listed on Steam. So far, they are in the top 20:

Check out Alice VR on Steam Greenlight


  • Immerse yourself in absorbing first-person gameplay! 
  • Solve the puzzles inspired by Alice in Wonderland! (growing/shrinking etc.) 
  • Walk on walls thanks to variable gravity! 
  • Get amazed by stylish sci-fi graphics! 
  • Unveil the history of an alien planet and write your own! 
  • Choose from many paths leading to different endings!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need Oculus Rift to play ALICE VR? 
    No, you can play the game on desktop with (almost) same fun :) 
  • How long is ALICE VR? 
    The game is around 3 hours long, but you'll have to play it at least twice in order to find out the whole story. 
  • Will it run on my PC? 
    ALICE VR requires an average gaming PC to run on high settings. The requirements will be higher if you want to play the game with Oculus Rift, but still lower than Oculus' recommended specs. 
  • Does the game have jumpscares?
    No, it doesn't. We aim for the relaxing gameplay without horror elements and time pressure. 
  • Will the game work with dk2? 
    Yes, it will! 
  • Do you plan Oculus Touch support?
    Yes, the game will support Oculus Touch when it comes out. 
  • Any other HMD support?
    Yes, we work on HTC Vive version of the game. You can also expect Razer OSVR support in the future. 



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