ALIEN: Covenant In Utero Lets You BE the Chest Burster in VR


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The classic chest burster scene from the original Alien movie (1979) is one of the most famous scenes in Sci-fi.

The scene features an alien creature bursting out of the host's chest cavity after an egg was forced into their body by the "mother" aptedly named a Facehugger.

Alien Facehugger

ALIEN: Covenant In Utero is unfortunately not a VR experience but a 360-degree VR video lasting 2 minutes that lets you experience life from the perspective of the alien neomorph at the time of its birth. You start inside the body of some poor victim, then burst out and into the world and immediately attack the next person.

The Alien VR short was made with real CGI assets from the movie and created by Technicolor-owned VFX house MPC and produced in partnership with RSA Films, the production company owned by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott.

ALIEN: Covenant In Utero is available today, April 26, to celebrate "Alien day" — a reference to planet LV-426, from the original Alien film.

You can watch the experience from the Oculus Video App.