Following in the footsteps of NVIDIA with their Auto Stereo, Direct VR and Asynchronous Time Warp to improve VR performance. AMD has now announced their VR solution called LiquidVR.

AMD provides four features which are proprietary to AMD hardware.

Latest Data Latch

Latest Data Latch attempts to reduce judder by ensuring the most update to date image is displayed in the VR headset.

Async shaders for VR

This allows for asynchronous time warp and predicts the next pixels to be rendered based on head movement/trajectory. AMD says this will also help minimize latency, stuttering, and judder.

Affinity Multi-GPU

Two video cards, two eyes. Makes perfect sense. Each video card is used to render each eye image. 

Direct to Display

Direct to display rendering allows the rendering to skip Windows and feed directly into the VR headset. Similar in fashion to Direct mode in the Oculus SDK.

AMD thinks VR is the next frontier of computing and wants to accelerate the process. The company is not targeting just gaming but also education, medical, big data visualization, training/simulation, entertainment, gaming, virtual-social world, and remote presence.

The company is currently in talks with several HMD manufacturers at the moment. Developers will be able to download the Alpha version of the SDK starting next week.



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