Apple Announces new AR Kit at WWDC


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Apple discussed their new iOS updates in version 11, coming later this year. One of the highlights of iOS 11 is the new AR Kit.

AR Kit

The new AR Kit allows the camera to recognize the environment around you. In real time while looking at the screen, the AR kit allows you to add computer-generated objects into the environment in real-time.

Multi-touch and the camera work together with the new Apple AR kit. Many companies are already working with AR Kit, such as Ikea who of course allow you place their furniture anywhere in your room to see how it may look and fit.

Wingnut AR

#Wingnut AR

During the event, there was a rather cool demo of Wingnut AR where the game was entirely played on a table. Space ships flew overhead, and table top battles ensued. All this visible in real-time on the iPhone or iPad. Wingnut AR will be available later this year from the app store. I'll certainly be looking forward to playing with AR Kit on my 12.9 iPad Pro. If you would like to try this on the iPad, you may like their newly announced 10.5" iPad Pro with a minimal bezel around the edges.