Apple Developing MicroLED Technology in California


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Apple, according to Bloomberg, is rumored to be developing MicroLED displays in a dedicated facility in California. Apple’s obvious goal could be to supplement and eventually replace Samsung as the supplier of their screens.

“The technology giant is making a significant investment in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens, say the people, who requested anonymity to discuss internal planning. MicroLED screens use different light-emitting compounds than the current OLED displays and promise to make future gadgets slimmer, brighter and less power-hungry.”

What are MicroLEDs?

MicroLEDs are similar to OLED but better. Like OLED, Micro LED consists of extremely tiny LEDs, each of which comprises a red, green, and blue sub-pixel that can provide its light. MicroLEDs can provide higher brightness than OLEDs and typically have longer lifetimes, and can be directly applied onto a TFT or CMOS backplane similarly as OLED.

Why do we care for VR/AR?

Oculus purchased MicroLED company InfiniLED in October 2016, and a company called eMagin have been working on microdisplays for years.


If VR/AR manufactures can miniaturize, improve brightness, resolution, and power draw. Then the technology can give VR/AR a much-needed technology boost.
Can Apple help get us there?

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