Are VR cinemas the next big thing in movies?


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Movie going has been essentially the same for decades. You hope in your car/bus/train or even walk to the theater and sit with a bunch of other people in front a large projector screen. Sure, the sound and picture has improved over the years, but essentially the same.

Today, we have Virtual Reality with the potential to revolutionize the movie experience. IMAX are already testing their VR Realty Theater with a large field of view headset. VR Cinemas are starting to pop up all over the place. The first, in Amsterdam, called the VR Cinema features dedicated swivel chairs, Gear VR headsets and a full bar with snacks. Tickets cost €12.50 with a show typically running around 30 minutes.

Will VR cinema take over traditional cinema? In my opinion, probably not. Want to take your date to the movies and hold hands and munch on popcorn? nope, cannot do that in VR. There is probably room for both experience as they both provide a unique and desirable experience.

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