Arizona Sunshine Update: Undead Valley Available Today


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Now the Walking Dead Season 7 is complete, and Negan and his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat survived. We are in need of new Zombie action, and thankfully Arizona Sunshine is bringing some new content at 9 am PST today.

Vertigo Games is releasing an update called Undead Valley for FREE to those who already own the game.

Arizona Sunshine Update: Undead Valley

The Undead Valley update includes an all new Horde mode map that takes you to the Arizona-Nevada border and a zombie infested old warehouse casino. The usual carnage ensues.

Arizona Sunshine Key Features

  • Real-life weapon handling: Using VR motion controllers, handle, fire, and reload over 25 different weapons with real-life movements. Anticipate attacks, manage your ammo and aim down the sights to blast your enemies to undead pieces.
  • Freely explore your surroundings: Move around without restraints to explore a series of large southwestern American environments, including blistering hot deserts, treacherous canyons, and deep, dark mines.
  • Enjoy a full-size single player campaign: The campaign mode is built in bite-sized VR chunks that flow together to form a full narrative. Whether you want to jump in for a short session or stay for the complete ride, we’ve got you covered.
  • Join forces in co-op multiplayer: Combine forces with a friend in co-op campaign mode or multiplayer Horde mode for up to four players. But beware, more warm brains mean more, hungry undead.
  • Put yourself through serious survival: Scavenge the environment, loot your enemies and manage your ammo and consumables.
  • Experience unprecedented VR realism: When powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor or equivalent, Arizona Sunshine brings unprecedented realism to VR gaming with zombie mutilation, destructible environments, and an overall cinematic and immersive experience.
  • Play it only in VR: Arizona Sunshine is a VR shooter exclusively built for VR from the ground up.
  • Step into the midst of a zombie attack as if you were there and take on undead creatures close enough to touch.

Arizona Sunshine is available for $39.95 on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and supports the Vive controllers and Oculus Touch.

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