Augmented Reality Pet. Man’s new best friend?



Augmented Reality Pet. Man’s new best friend?
Man’s best friend for 1,000s of years has been the dog. Dogs are cute, friendly, and loyal and provide companionship. However dogs poop on your new rug, pee on your hardwood floor, chew your furniture and sometimes bite the neighbors.

What if you have all the pet pros without the cons?

Enter the Augmented Reality pet. Microsoft has even considered the AR Pet if you carefully watch their Hololens video you can see a little brown dog in the living room.

Pros of AR Pet:

  • No Poop or pee
  • No biting
  • No Fleas
  • No unwanted barking
  • Do not need to declare to landlord and pay pet fees
  • No vet bills
  • No neighbor biting
  • Walking is optional
  • No face licking at 6am
  • No stinky pet smell
  • Pet lives forever assuming your batteries are charged and you backup your pet to the cloud
  • After initial “pet purchase” the cost is free
  • Try your AR pet before you purchase a real pet
  • Kid wants that cute puppy you know they’ll lose interest in 5 days? Try the AR Pet

Cons of AR Pet

  • No petting
  • Cannot use cute pet to attract the opposite sex
  • If you throw a ball, the ball will not be returned
  • You will need to retrieve your own newspaper
  • Initial version of AR Pet may only work at home or in wi-fi range

The list of pros & cons is not looking good for today’s Pet. In fact if I were a dog or cat I would start to research new food & housing sources.

Would you replace your pet with an AR pet? If currently pet free, would you try the AR Pet?
Let us know in the comments below. Just don’t let your pet see you…



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