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Be a Zombie in Resident Evil Biohazard Vendetta: Z Infected Experience on PSVR

Are you fed up killing Zombies?
Are you fed up never knowing when a Zombie may bite you?
Would you prefer just to be a Zombie?

Resident Evil developer Capcom is creating a free PSVR experience for the upcoming CG movie Biohazard: Vendetta. Finally, in this PSVR experience, you can be a zombie. The title will be called BIOHAZARD VENDETTA: Z Infected Experience.

Biohazard: Vendetta, is an upcoming 2017 Japanese 3D animated biopunk thriller film. It is the third CG movie, after Resident Evil: Degeneration in 2008, followed by Resident Evil: Damnation in 2012.

The video below is provided by Japanese VR site PANORA and is all in Japanese. However, the release date for a Japanese release is on 5/24/17. I can only assume (and hope) that a world release will be forthcoming.