​Best VR headset for iPhone users


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The VR headset revolution is underway and just because you own an iPhone rather than an Android mobile doesn't mean you can't get involved.

Google Cardboard has stolen a lot of the limelight when it comes to mobile virtual reality, and Google Daydream is just around the corner, but you don't need an Android handset to benefit. Many of the new breed of super-cheap headsets are iPhone compatible, and support most handsets from the last couple of years, from the iPhone 5S to the new iPhone 6S.

While mobile VR headsets obviously have nothing on the likes of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, Cardboard style sets have the chance to encourage large numbers of potential users to get on board with virtual reality. So what better place to start than with one of these iPhone-friendly headsets?

Carl Zeiss VR One GX

Most mobile VR headsets are simply a plastic case and a couple of lenses – hence the logic behind the super cheap Cardboard style devices. So Carl Zeiss's experience in making lenses puts it high on our list. The newest model, the VR One GX, goes one better than the original headset by adding a magnetic control that attaches to the side and that lets you interact with the app.

However, there's no head strap, and if you're an iPhone Plus owner, then you'll need the bigger VR One Plus instead. Also, note that the headset sometimes isn't sold with the right tray for your handset - so make sure you get one.

Tepoinn 3D VR glasses

At the other end of the VR headset spectrum is the Tepoinn, which comes in at under $30. Of course, basic plastic rules here so anyone investing will have to acknowledge a less rigid set-up – shall we say. That said, it accommodates iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets, and unlike a cheap-as-chips cardboard set-up, you can adjust the lenses for a clearer view.

Google Cardboard

A quick and low-cost entry into virtual reality doesn't come much cheaper than an iPhone compatible Cardboard kit. Available for under $20 you get a strap and NFC technology that powers up the app on demand. They're a bit fiddly to make, and they're going to fall apart after a few goes, but there's no easier way to jump into VR.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Upping the tech stakes, the Homido VR headset offers a 100-degree field of view and is compatible with the iPhone 5S to date. It's also suitable for glasses wearers with space for specs inside the faux leather, interchangeable seal. If headsets aren't your thing, then Homido also makes a pair of VR glasses, although the effect will be far less pronounced than an HMD.

FreeFly VR

Going one better, the FreeFly VR headset offers a 120-degree field of view and even has its Bluetooth games controller for better control of your virtual reality games. It's compatible with Android and iOS devices between 4.7-inch and 6.1-inches, which puts all the latest devices in its sights.