Bigscreen Brings Your Desktop Into Virtual Reality


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Bigscreen takes your screen and quite literally makes it bigger. How? With the help of Virtual Reality of course. Bigscreen allows you to project your regular desktop into your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in any number of customizable ways.

Bigscreen Adds Social To VR

Use your Windows computer on massive screens in VR where you can hangout with friends, watch movies, and even play video games together. Bigscreen syncs a virtual space with up to four other people so you can show what's on your desktop to everyone else.
Each VR Avatar is displayed as a head, sorry you have no physical body. But at least your head is 
customizable down to your hair, eyes, skin color, gender, and glasses

Customising your Bigscreen

Bigsceen, like other VR apps, allows you to adjust the size, distance, and curvature of your virtual screen. The screen will hover in front of you. I like a larger screen with a medium distance in front of me.

Bigscreen Environment Settings

Bigscreen out of the all the Desktop VR apps provide the most varied virtual environments. You can sit on a large balcony and enjoy a city view, sit in a living room with big screen TV or sit on the moon near Mars.

Bigsreen Graphics Settings

Graphical settings are minimal but provide the essentials from Supersampling to Anti-Aliasing.

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Virtual Reality Desktop Apps

VR apps that project your desktop into VR are becoming more and more prevalent these days. Others include The Virtual Desktop and Envelop which adds an AR spin to the experience.

Bigscreen Features:

  • Play your favorite games, including games on Steam, on massive screens in VR. 
  • Watch anything you can see on your desktop screen - Twitch, Netflix, YouTube, even VLC - on IMAX-size screens 
  • Choose and customize your screens, from small 30-inch screens to curved 65-inch TVs or wall-sized 20-foot displays. 
  • Adjust your screens to the perfect height, position, and curvature for ergonomic comfort. 
  • Choose environments from outer space to a luxury apartment 
  • SBS and OU video support (works in multiplayer too) 
  • Vive controller support 
  • Oculus Remote support
  • Multiplayer Features

Bigscreen Multiplayer Features

  • Private or Public rooms for multiplayer supports 1-4 players 
  • Cross-platform support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive 
  • Low-latency positional audio chat 
  • Private & encrypted screen sharing in VR 
  • Leap Motion support for VR high fives! 
  • Shared desktop audio

Known Issues

My experience was very smooth. The main niggling point would be when a Windows confirmation dialog should be displayed. The confirmation dialog is not shown from within Bigscreen but instead on your real world monitor.

If your screen is too big in for example the living room environment then your screen will sink into the sofa and be partially hidden.

Bigscreen VR Rating

The Virtual Desktop has been my favorite for many years since the DK2. Bigscreen however, is like that new girl who just moved in down the street. She looks good but you are not yet sure if she is cool to hang out. Bigscreen has been around in Steam for a while but is now available in Oculus Home.

After spending a few days with Bigscreen, I very much recommend you spend time in it, I think you may just fall in love.

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