I was over at a friends house last week who owns several dogs, cats and a few unknown rodent types. It is quite the house zoo.
As I narrowly missed stepping on a cats tail it got me to thinking. How would my friend be able to play with HTC Vive and ensure he is not stepping, and therefore potentially killing one of his beloved pets?

I did some digging around and remembered reading that the HTC Vive had a front-facing camera. If you look closely in the image below you can clearly see the camera in the middle of the Head Mounted Display (HMD)

The Vive will support play in up to a 15 x 15 foot room. Not everyone has this prefect room and most people have stuff such as furniture and of course pets! 

The Vive will allow you to configure your room by looking and walking around, it will be a one-time setup and will identify objects in that room. If there's a table or a wall then it will track it and once you click Save Configuration you'll get warnings if you're about to walk into something.
The mounted camera is actually there to identify if you have a small pet that walks in front of you. It will actually alert you to that and say don't step there.

So there you have it. Not only is the HTC Vive one of the coolest VR devices around. But it will actually save lives and how many VR devices can make that claim?



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