Care to Strap an iPad to your Head? AirVR may be for you



Now I've seen it all. We already have a flood of VR devices that let you slot your phone into a VR headset. 
Some are complete crap with more light leakage than a convertible car, or as big as an Alien head with 3DHEAD. Some are decent such as ImmersiON-VRelia GO and Blue-Sky PRO HMD
Now Metatecture have successfully funded their Kickstarter project for a new VR headset allowing you to essentially strap an iPad to your head.

VR fans, please do not get me wrong. I love VR. I dream and write about VR everyday. However I do have an aversion to looking like a complete idiot. Strapping an iPad to your head makes you look ridiculous. All their pictures show people outdoors, but this device should ONLY be used when you're alone, at home. Please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT use this in Starbucks.
Since this project is funded, others may disagree with me. In fact you will be able to order one of these devices in January of 2015 from their online store for $49.

The AirVR is certainly a cheap virtual reality headset. All of the processing power coming from the iPhone or iPad. The headset will not have any plugs and will act as a frame and goggles to the iPad to attain the virtual reality experience.

There are of course millions of iPad and iPhone users so the potential market can be pretty large. AirVR will offer their own application to mimic the virtual reality experience on iPad and iPhone.
You just have to get over strapping an iPad to your head...



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