CES 2015 - Is 3DHEAD The Oculus Rift Killer?


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CES 2015 - Is 3DHEAD The Oculus Rift Killer?

In reviewing 3DHEAD's impressive list of competing features with the Oculus Rift. This thing certainly sounds like the Oculus Rift killer. I’m a little excited.
3DHEAD’s booth is placed right next to the awesome Oculus booth. These guys have big ones for sure. Let’s venture inside 3DHEAD's booth to find out if their product matches their claim.

First impressions are important. Whether you're meeting your significant others parents for the first time or an important job interview. 3DHEAD does not make a good first impression.
If you like BIG, you’ll love 3DHEAD. This headset is just huge, no scratch that, humongous!

Perhaps if the technology is amazing and lighter than it looks? I try to keep an open mind. I hold the 3DHEAD in my hands. Nope, not light. This thing weighs in at 1.7lbs. That may not seem like much, but try putting this on your head. When you turn your head that 1.7lbs continues moving when your head stops, 3DHEAD cannot compete with inertia. I suspect many users will experience whiplash injuries.

What is 3DHEAD?
CES 2015 - Is 3DHEAD The Oculus Rift Killer?

3DHEAD allows you to play games streamed from the PC to the handheld tablet or games running on the tablet, movies etc.
The screen can be removed from the controller and inserted inside the 3DHEAD.The screen is glasses-free 3D which actually looked pretty good. Although it didn't have any eye-tracking like other handheld glasses-free 3D devices.

3DHead consists (and is required) of the following devices:

  • Handset controller with removable screen (Glasses-free 3D)
  • 3DHEAD – Headset
    The headset is mostly an empty box with headphones, battery and HDMI hookup if you don’t want wireless

The screen is removed from the controller and stuck inside the 3DHEAD. There are no lenses you simply stare at the screen. Essentially in an enclosed mini movie theater (when I say mini, it is not)

I discuss the product with their “expert”, Steve:

VRCircle: “What is the refresh rate on your screen”
Steve: “Not sure, you’ll need to ask James” Company COO James Jacobs
VRCircle: “How long does the battery last?”
Steve: “Not sure, you’ll need to ask James”
VRCircle: “Latency? Is this wi-fi, if so what is the tech? A/N/G/B?”
Steve: “The device connects with the PC via Bluetooth, latency?”
VRCircle: “Bluetooth? Really? That has enough bandwidth to transmit all that information from the PC? Wow, I need to see this”
Steve: “We plan to add wi-fi later”

I briefly tried Minecraft. It was pixelated but did move when I turned my head (re whiplash) 
But why? There is no T. Rex running toward me and scaring me like in the Crescent Bay demo. I’d rather play Minecraft on the tablet itself. The streaming of PC games was not demonstrated. I suspect you’d be better off with a NVIDIA Shield tablet.

This is the best part. BIG headset means BIG price apparently.

The controller and screen is $995, yes, $995.
You can purchase each one separately for $595.

What should a VR enthusiast do? Buy a DK2 (or wait for CV1) for about $350, then buy a top-end Graphics card for $400 and you'll still have money left over AND you’ll have a better VR experience.
3DHEAD's purchase page

Their marketing is rather interesting too. They use a young man (12 years old?) to market their device in their literature and videos (see below)

With the pricing of 3DHEAD at $995 how many kids do you know can order one of these?
Perhaps at Christmas if their parents sell his brother he could be the lucky owner of a 3DHEAD.

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Is 3DHEAD the Oculus Rift killer? No. Although it could eat at least 3 DK2 devices inside its massive body and kill it that way.



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