CES 2015 - Palmer Luckey Interview

Palmer Luckey was interviewed by Engadget at CES 2015 (VRCircle has a much smaller budget)
Palmer was there to show the latest Oculus prototype Crescent Bay (which I tried earlier) and talk about the future of VR.
The interviewer in my opinion had some very aggressive opinions of what VR should be. Such as no cables and a visual pass through. Palmer reiterated the Consumer Version (CV1) will be a seated experience and still require a wire. Most likely one wire similar to the Crescent Bay prototype. Palmer does not consider a pass through feature a "must have" for a consumer version, although he didn't rule out the consumer version may support it.

The discussion turned to resolution. Palmer would not disclose the resolution of the Crescent Bay but did state that 4K is not enough to remove entirely the visible pixels of the device. Of course he would likely only know this fact if a 4K device existed.
Very interesting statement...

Of course the interview was concluded with "when is the release date?", answer? Palmer explained the company has been around for 2.5 years. Year 1 was DK1, year 2 was DK2, Year 3? To be announced...



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