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CES 2015 - Virtuix Omni Review

I want to love the Virtuix Omni. I really do! My inner nerd is screaming to love it. Being able to see (with VR) and walk or even run around a virtual world. It just sounds so awesome.

However using this thing is akin to driving a beater car and not being able to afford to take your date to McDonald's. Yes, I said it. The Omni is not going to help you become "closer" to your date.

Let's delve into the practicality of owning a Virtuix Omni:

How to set it up?

  • The device requires an Oculus Rift. That has cable(s). You need to have somehow the cable hanging from the roof so that you don't trip over it.
  • Where do you put this thing? If you have a spare room, sure. But how many people have an extra room that can be devoted to the Omni?
Gamers are Inherently a little lazy
When I play video games, it is an art in relaxation and escapism. I can play BF4 for hours. I have even completed the P90x program. However running around the battlefield for hours I am going to die and probably barf all over myself with exhaustion. 
The Omni is 47”x42”x27” and weighs 160lbs. This thing is not anywhere quickly.


You can now pre-order one of these bad boys. It costs $499. Also, you need to add shipping costs which are not displayed on the ordering page. If you refer to their FAQ it states:

"How much will domestic shipping cost?

Depending on how far you live from either the West or East Coast, domestic shipping costs will be in the $90-$150 range for doorstep delivery of the standard Omni or $30 for pick-up in select major hubs. Additional shoes, belts and rack will increase the shipping costs. We have excluded shipping costs from our list price, so that you can keep flexibility over how much you want to spend on shipping; some people like the Omni delivered at their doorstep, others don’t mind picking it up at a distribution center. We plan to organize “pick-up events” in major cities for those who’d like to keep shipping costs at a minimum (and meet other Omni supporters at the same time). The shipping cost will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready to ship your order and have collected your delivery preference."

So let us just say another $100. Plus tax, so here in California, you're looking at around $650 delivered. You also need an Oculus Rift so another $350 - $400 for around a total of $1,000. You also need another room in your house/apartment, so add some more for rent/mortgage.
So not cheap then.

There is an SDK that developers need to work with for full Omni support. As a developer, I don't want to support something that very few people will own. I am already supporting NVIDIA, ATI, various sound boards, Physics engines and now VR devices. Why do I want to increase my cost with Omni support?
Perhaps why Virtuix at CES they were demonstrating their own in-house developed game.

New at CES 2015
Recently announced they have little trackers that fit onto the top of the shoe that help to track your movement. They are awesome, and I only saw them fly off a few times.

Therefore, unless you're a rich hardcore gamer or Dave & Busters with lots of space. Why would you buy this?
Buy your girl some flowers and take her to a nice dinner. You'll have a much better time.
If you're reading this and you're a girl? Please tell us what you think!

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