VR Headsets are taking center stage this year at CES 2015.
What can we expect to see?

With Oculus, Samsung and Sony at CES 2015, we're looking forward to more hands on time with the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Project Morpheus and would really like to try the 
Virtuix Omni. Hopefully, we'll see new games, apps and hardware features and in the case of the Gear VR, with the Innovator Edition already on sale, maybe even a hint or peek at a successor. Samsung moves very quickly (Just look at their watch iterations)

Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey will be at the show so we could also hear more on firm release dates for the consumer version of the Rift as well as what exactly he plans to do with Nimble VR's hand tracking tech.



Steven Paterson

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