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Wednesday Jan 6th is the first full day of CES 2016. CES brings all the latest technology available or will be available in one place. This year around 150K gadget lovers from all over the world congregate together and turn Sin City (Las Vegas) into Geek City.

Oculus Booth

In the past Oculus provided scheduled demos via their mobile app. This year it is on a first come first served basis or for those who already made arrangements for demos. At CES Oculus are providing demos of their soon to be released consumer rift and their Touch controllers available in the second half of 2016. Nothing new here.

Sony Booth

Sony had a significantly smaller PlayStation VR section than they did for CES 2015. They were providing demos with only 4 PlayStation VR devices. Nothing new game wise either, a little disappointing.

Samsung Booth

Samsung always has a massive booth at CES and CES 2016 is no different. Samsung were providing a unique twist to the usual seated demo and integrated it with a seated ride. Mostly occupied by those wearing a suit...

ANT VR Booth

ANT VR is probably one of the leading Chinese based VR headset manufacturers. I reviewed their ANT VR product during CES 2015 and in CES 2016 they are demonstrating walking around in VR.