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CES is a crazy place with a mass array of people, bright lights and tech galore. Day 1 of CES 2017; VRCircle ventured to the South Hall at the convention center where VR and Gaming are showing their latest and greatest.

Royole Corp. Shows their Moon Virtual Theater

First up, was Royole Corporation. Their product the Moon Foldable 3D Virtual Mobile theater aims to be your go-to home theater device. The Moon headset includes everything you need to watch an iMax movie in the comfort of your living room, plane ride or almost anywhere.  The headset features a high-resolution display with a 3000ppi AMOLED display for pixel-free viewing.

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Fraunhofer IIS - 3D Audio like you are there

Fraunhofer IIS, the inventor of the MP3 and much of what you like in many devices today, are showcasing their audio codec technology. The tech makes you able to kill the zombie before it kills you. Hear that groaning sound from behind you and to the left? Fraunhofer technology will save your life. You’ll be able to hear it, turn around, and kill it!

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Tobii Eye Tracking is watching you, watching Tobii

Tobii is a smart eye tracking device integrated into some Alienware, Acer and MSI gaming laptops. Tobii eye tracking means you can look at something, say a Zombie, click a button on the controller, then your view instantly changes to the zombies head, click again, and you have Zombie death. The eye tracking tech not only applies to reducing the zombie population but can even help within Windows by jumping the mouse pointer to where you are looking. Tobii eye tracking will be integrated into some future VR headsets and available as a standalone device to add to any monitor.

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We also explored non-VR related booths, such as InBody scanning and audio from Audio-Technica. We will cover those later because we had so much fun in them. 

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