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Another day and 16,324 steps later concluded Day 2 of CES 2017 here in Las Vegas.

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HTC Takes VR to the next level

Today, we spent most of the morning at the wonderful HTC event located in the Wynn Hotel. HTC showcased their existing Vive along with a vast array of demos from medical applications, shooting games, fire simulations for firefighters and mobile applications.

I spoke with Dan O'Brien, VP of HTC Vive who gave me the run down on their latest HTC Vive tracker. The new device allows Vive owners to add the trackers to any object allowing it to be trackable within the VR world.  The tracker will have around 6 hours of battery life and released in Q2 2017; price is TBD. The Deluxe headset strap allows integration of headphones within the Vive headset, so if you prefer, you will no longer need to deal with separate headphones. Finally, the TPCast wireless HDMI device allows fully untethered connection to your PC. TPCast will be available in Q2 2017 for $249.

Dr. Oz joined the HTC event to explore some medical applications.

VR Startups at the Sands

Next, we were off the Sands Hotel where the hustle and bustle continues. Many of the smaller VR startups are here. One of the highlights was a device from Scalable Graphics called with KwikVR. KwikVR were showing their prototype unit aiming to make existing VR headsets wireless. The prototype works with the HTC Vive, Oculus DK2 with the final version in March supporting Oculus CV1. Pricing will be around $300.

Check back for the full review and videos of everything we viewed today.

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