Change your psychological state with Liminal VR


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Ready for VRLA?  Liminal is a company you’re going to want to watch. Although their schedule is not yet confirmed, we can expect Liminal VR to get some stage time. 

If you read my article Joy to Patients with Google Daydream, you’ve already heard of Liminal VR.  In a chat with Liminal’s managing director Nick Busietta, we learned that Liminal is developing a consumer-psychological platform of “VR experiences designed to augment cognitive and emotional states in people.” The idea is that this team is focused on building an experience to induce positive psychological outcomes somewhat instantly. 

Imagine this.  You are in the middle of a stressful work day and want to relax before going into a meeting.  Instead of reaching for the Scotch, you take out your Daydream View headset, launch the Liminal platform and chose the emotional state you want to feel.  Pick an experience such as calm, excitement, or engaging, and you are ready to go.  

Here is why Liminal is different.  They are not just developing a platform to get new technology into the market, they are putting something out there that is enjoyable and that works to make people feel better. Liminal is doing the scientific research first, and working with a team of psychologists and developers in studies that pinpoint emotional outcomes from these experiences. Their research involves gathering psychometric and biometric data and feeding this data into a development pipeline to make sure what they develop actually works.     

Liminal is an example of a company I’m excited to follow. It brings me joy to see where the future of VR can take us. Let’s watch how Liminal help improve lives!

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