Cirque Du Soleil In Your Living Room With Gear VR


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Those of you who live near Las Vegas or New York may be very familiar with Cirque Du Soleil. There will always be at least one Cirque Du Soleil showing in Vegas.
One of the popular shows playing at the Aria Hotel in Vegas is the Zarkana which is the inspiration for the Gear VR Cirque Du Soleil Demo.
However a big problem with these shows is down to their popularity. To get a decent seat in the "golden area" you need to cough up around $400 a ticket! Bringing a date? We're now at $800. Want dinner before the show? you'll not get much change out of $1,000. Ouch!
You could take that same money, buy a Gear VR for $199 and a Note 4 for around $800 (unlocked) and watch Cirque Du Soleil anytime you want in your living room. The even better news is the Cirque Du Soleil on Gear VR provides you a better seat than you could ever get at the show since the camera is actually on stage, not in a seat with the rest of the commoners :-)