Crytek Releases Their First VR Game - The Climb Works on CV1 and DK2


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Crytek has released their first VR game called The Climb. They have previously released many VR demos such Back to Dinosaur Island and Back to Dinosaur Island 2

Back in December last year Crytek announced this would be an Oculus Exclusive and true to their word, this is the case.

The primary game mode is Free Solo mode. In each of environment, you have three ascent difficulties to master, each featuring different routes and split into stages with checkpoints. With multiple ways up the rock, secret paths to discover, and a few Easter eggs to find too, there's plenty to see as you improve your time and score on each stage. The Climb isn't just about beating all the levels, though – it's about how you can get quicker, climb more smoothly and efficiently, and compete on the leaderboards.

You can even download "ghosts" from your friends and other players on the leaderboards to compete against, although it'll always come down to you against the rock. All of the game mechanics – including chalk and stamina – come into play. The Climb isn't just about getting to the top – it's about doing it quickly and with style too.

“We score your performance in a range of different ways. Of course, time is probably the most obvious, and we think the competition will be really intense. It certainly is in the studio! But we also score you on your 'flow' across a range of other mechanics. Can you beat the stage without dying? Without chalking? Without rewinding? Did you climb smoothly? Did you use harder grip types? Did you do cool stuff like huge leaps or hold onto grips with the trigger just half-pressed, something pretty tricky to do? There's a huge range of ways for you to improve your score on every level. "
Niklas Walenski, Game Designer, The Climb

The Climb is available from Oculus home from April 28 for $50 in an 8.8 Gb download. You can use the included Xbox controller and when the Oculus Touch controllers become available Crytek will provide a free patch.

In playing The Climb, it is fun with the XBox controllers. However, the real fun will be when the Oculus Touch Controllers are matched with the game. If you plan to wait till then, the game should cost less by then too.

Does The Climb Work on The DK2?

In a word, yes. The climb does work on the DK2 with a regular XBox controllers just like with the CV1.

The Climb - VRCircle Rating

The Climb is rated Intense by Oculus so hope you're ready. After 45 minutes of play I felt some, therefore it has a rating of 7.

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